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I can
safely say the build quality of this bow is absolutely exceptional, it looks
exactly what it is . . . hand finished . . . with care.


I have enjoyed shooting for three weeks exclusively this Rebel.


I found the feather cutting templates you supply. I’m happy to tell you that they’ve helped me create arrows that exactly match the specification I need, consistently, and I’ve saved a large amount of money in the process. Thank you for a wonderful tool.


Na jaren longbow te hebben geschoten uiteindelijk toch een andere boog erbij.
De Rebel heeft nog een beetje het uiterlijk van een klassieke boog, echter schiet als moderne snelle oog.
Niet voor niets ooit bedacht als opvolger voor de longbow.

Guido Kalwij


Magén's Summer favorites

Magén's Summer favorites

With spring now gone, we have made a new collection with wannahaves and on sale items for you. Enjoy summer, enjoy archery!
NEW workshops planned for 2020!

NEW workshops planned for 2020!

Now Corona has had its peak, and life is slowly getting to a form we are used to, we are organizing workshops again. have a look at our arrow makin...
Fathers day Gifts sale

Fathers day Gifts sale

We have activated the Fathers Day Sale!

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