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It doesn’t really matter what type of outdoors traditional archery you like: You are going to need arrows. It’s fun to roam about outdoors, bow in your hand, arrows at the ready …..but it also means arrows swallowed up by pond or undergrowth. That means you’ll need a full quiver, and then some. You’ll be surprised how cost-effective and fun it can be to make your own. There are as many different opinions on the best materials and techniques as there are fletchers. However, you ain’t heard nothing till you’ve heard the indomitable Magén Klomp talk about arrow making in his very own unique style. To use a Medieval analogy, there are fairy castles with lofty ornate towers soaring skywards, the whole decorated with elegant frills, opulent loops and dainty twists. Then there are unassuming fortresses, down to earth, there to do a job with minimum of fuss and far too level-headed for redundant fancies. The latter no-nonsense style reflects Magén Klomp’s approach to building arrows. A novice needing a course? Watch the whole thing and you’ll be armed with the knowledge to start building your own arrows. Experienced but wanting a reminder on, say, working with bamboo? Select the chapter you need and you’ll be back on track in a jiffy. Advanced and wanting to give your arrows a bit of special oomph? You’re in for a treat. Looking for a suitable gift for a loved one? You’ll be rewarded with a smile of delight to be sure. A competitor eager to size us up? Go ahead, make our day, we can’t stop you and it’s time you learned how to do it properly anyway. This DVD does what its title promises, besides a few chuckles on the way, it teaches you the ins and outs of making traditional arrows without excessive fuss or pedantic hectoring, pragmatic and useful from bodkin to nock. May your arrows fly straight and true! please select PAL or NTSC.

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