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Breaking News: It´s going to be another FAIR WEEKEND 

Location: https://www.pbcausterlitz.nl/home.php

Scouting centre Austerlitz in Zeist

Saturday october 3rd 2020 will be the date of the FAIR DAY, Sunday october 4th will be the date of FAIR HUNTER-ROUND (Please keep in mind that these are considered separate events for booking purposes, as some people can or want to attend the one day, and not the other.) FAIR DAY consists of strange and stranger targets, eccentric archers, and fun prizes to be won. There will be 30 3D style targets.

Registration to take place from 08:30 onwards, followed by coffee or tea. The shooting ranges open at 09.30.
Don´t be late!

As usual, we will provide a small Lunch on FAIR DAY -saturday, and your free participation Shirt is already ordered!

FAIR DAY is intended for Traditional archers or their guests. We shoot with traditional bows and wooden arrows. Medieval arrowheads are permitted, heavy duty War Bows are permitted, and yes, bamboo arrows are considered traditional. Those with Asian composites are welcomed too (no carbon or alloy arrows during the 3D day shoot).

Don't forget: you will need 3 fluflu-arrows!

FAIR NIGHT: For the diehard participants, you can participate in both events and spend the night in the woods. 
and join in the Zombie shooting at night (here carbs with LED-tracers are allowed, light on your arrows highly recommended)

FAIR Sunday,

What are we going to do? apart from having fun?

We will set up a double hunter round for you. 30 numbers, 2 pegs per number, 60 targets.
At the end of the Sunday we will settle all scores :-)  with a ‘Last man Standing shoot’ Perhaps Leafy will win this time!

Register at 08.30 to the pegs at 09.30

There is space to set up your own tent. The camping site will be provided with adequate water drainage to help keep your feet dry (barring a monsoon) and there are toilets and showers.

You´re on your own on the Sunday, although there will be catering facilities, but you´ll have to pay for their services. They´ll sell a breakfast on Sunday morning, and snacks and drinks through out the day.

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