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Bowman archery Tackle by Fairbow

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"This semi longbow is beautiful! Shoots like crazy and has some serious speed. When in doubt, Go to the workshop and shoot some."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tarik v D.

Recommended by fellow archers worldwide!

What a smashing bow! and I mean that as Hard hitting! This bow over performs my other bows. I have the Backset version and it seems to harness much more power than my older Rebel. I use 11 gpp, and still reach 189 fps with just 63 lbs. This bow makes me a very happy archer!

I own many American Semi Longbows (ASL) from different makers like Dale Philips, Jim Darling, Ted Kramer, Craig Ekin, John Schulz, Nate Steen and Pete George - all I can say is my friend Magén Klomp made me an elegant, great, fast and powerful "BOWMAN" longbow and it is absolutely built in the Hill tradition. Wonderful that we have a bow maker here in Europe who knows the secrets of this type of bow. THANK YOU Magen & Shoot Straight!

This semi longbow is beautiful! Shoots like crazy and has some serious speed. When in doubt, Go to the workshop and shoot some.

How it works

We set up the bow for you with a near to correct brace height, all you have to do is apply a nocking point (if so desired) and start enjoying the bow, creating new adventures!


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The BOWMAN American Semi Longbow model is designed after Writer and Showman Peter O. Stecher’s personal bows, which are similar to the longbows Howard Hill took with him to Africa.

Made with tapered laminations of specially hardened bamboo all placed behind the riser. Options of black, and white backing and belly of A-grade fiberglass.

It has a laminated bamboo handle grip with a grip cap of contrasting wood and grey handle leather wrapping. The grip is narrow and deep like Howard's unless otherwise requested.

We have developed a special textured coating for the Bowman bow. 'Panzer Varnish'

This 2K coating gives a very durable 'Panzer' satin-matt finish. The perfect shine for good looks, out and about in the fields, and very durable and long-lasting.

More on Peter O. Stecher

✓ Depending on the requested draw length, following the Schulz guidelines, these bows are 66-69.5 inches long
✓ These bows are varnished with a durable 2K semi-gloss varnish
✓ With two Stabil-core laminations
✓ Glass-reinforced nocks
✓ Complete with deluxe dual colored special bow bag
✓ These come with a free special made Howard Hill's bowman Patch 
✓ Complete with modern string (your choice of Flemish Inlaid or Endless)
✓ Fairbow Lifetime Warranty
✓ World wide free shipping

Amazing Deal 😱

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We use the Schulz guidelines for your new Bowman bow. 28 inches draw, 68 inches ntn length, 29 inches draw, 69 inches ntn length etc. We can tiller the bow to 31 inches for you. The standard bow length with the Hill style of shooting would be 66-68 inch ntn.

We can use any combination of black and white of our pultrusion glass.  Peter O. Stecher advises a white belly and black backing just like Howard used in days gone by.

Yes, although we think these make the bow stand out amongst other bows, we can do without the stickers.

The bow can be made up to 80 lbs at the draw length you select. Sufficient to hunt the biggest game and shoot the furthest distances!

We make these products with pride, these are built so you can hand them over to your grandchildren to accompany them on their adventures. These bows are covered with our Lifetime Warranty.

These bows are in high demand. Our approach to handmade manufacturing makes for a waiting list of approx.. 7 months. Check out the Bowman bows we have in stock now. These can be shipped to you in 24 hrs!


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Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

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