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You know when an increase in production work after a global pandemic means you’ve not got enough space… that.

Like many businesses, the trials of the past 2 years have encouraged us to refocus the way we work, how we do things, what we do best and how this all reflects on our customer service. 

To cut a long story short, this process has meant we’ve now run out of space. Space to design, prototype, produce, finish, package & dispatch, store, market, administrate and service customers… all of these areas now need bigger spaces to deliver successfully. The workshop is now too small, the storage area is too small, the showroom is too small, the offices are too small, you get the
picture I’m sure - so we’re moving to bigger premises in Fryslân.

Our new premises will give us a huge 5800 sq ft of space, with increased height too. We’ll be specializing and streamlining what we do and how we do it in the new place, so our workflow will improve, and the customer experience will be even more pleasant and professional.

Of course, when we move we’ll of course let you know the new address. But in the meantime, we want to give you a little incentive to save you some money, and help us load fewer boxes on the removal truck.

How does a 10% discount across the website sound? Everything minus 10%. Everything, not just bits, the whole website 10% off.

Simply use the code HOUSEMOVE at checkout to get your 10% discount. This offer will last until we move premises. 

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