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The Revan by Fairbow

Fast and Versatile, the ILF you want!

"We Offer 100% Satisfaction on This New Bow, or you get your money back! 😱"

👌 Magén Klomp

7 Reasons to Buy This Bow:

✓ Well-designed ergonomic risers in two lengths.

✓ The heavy riser is made from Black Micarta and Actionwood reducing all vibrations.

Open adjustable ILF pockets to fit any ILF limbs.

✓ The Revan Limbs can be used with Light weight arrows.

Interchangeable limbs, when you advance in skill and strength just change the limbs .

Easy to transport disassemble it and carry it in a neat package.

Full range of accessories to complete your new Revan.

Extra Easy Just For You

✓ We set up the bow for you, and wrap it in its transport bags.

✓ When you get the bow, click in the limbs, brace the bow and start shooting.

How it works

We set up the bow for you with a near to correct brace height, all you have to do is apply a nocking point (if so desired) and start enjoying the bow, creating new adventures!


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REVAN BY FAIRBOW BLACK ILF HUNTING RECURVE-Bow-Fairbow-Left handed-58 inch bow (15 inch Riser)-25 lbs-Fairbow


The short riser is nice and agile in the bush and for close encounters. The Longer riser gives a smoother draw; especially with draw lengths over 29 inch.

You can opt for tactical black or traditional wood finish limbs. we can fit a plunger thread for you in your choice of riser.

We supply one length of limbs, so draw weight will vary with the 15 inch or 19 inch riser. We have limbs in stock from 25 to 60 lbs.

We make these products with pride, they are built to be handed on to your grandchildren to accompany them on their archers' paths. These bows are covered with our Lifetime Warranty.

We have these bows in stock for you, and the risers and limbs are ready for shipping within 24 hours to you.

Shipping is FREE! No extra cost!

Lebenslange Garantie

Each Fairbow bow is handmade in Holland, always customized and of premium quality.

Purchasing a bow by Fairbow means you get the best constructed handmade bow you can buy anywhere.

All our bows are crafted with the best possible care to make sure you receive a dependable tool. For this reason we have decided to alter our warranty to your benefit.

Our warranty is transferable. Warranty goes with our bows, not with the person buying it.

Our warranty is for a lifetime. Not measured in years. We guarantee the bow to last forever!

If something does happen to your bow we will try to repair it. If that is not possible we will replace it with a new one!

Ready For New Adventures?

Wake up the Revan in you and get a custom bow exactly how you like it!