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4 OZ kit includes (enough for 2 bows or 2 glue up joints i.g. trilam) one 2oz , part A resin one 2oz , part B hardner Specially formulated 2 part glue for laminating bamboo, various woods, linen, silk and other natural materials
as well as fibreglass with the strength you need. 100% waterproof. Mixes clear, dries clear, gap filling glue tested and found the best for laminating wood to wood, bamboo to wood, linen to to wood, silk to wood as well as glass materials to wood. Even Kevlar material!to wood. Does not slip as much as other leading brands of laminating glues making for less string follow and less reflex loss. Dries hard but not brittle, flexible without cracking. No heat box needed for curing. However, like any epoxy this glue can resoften and cause a delamination if temperatures reaches over thresholds. (80-85 degrees Celsius) Therefore, using heat to cure will give you extra bonding strength and will increase the temperature threshold at which the glue will resoften. Cooking the bow at 185-200 degrees (80-100 degrees Celsius) will increase resoftening threshold from 125-130 degrees to a much higher threshold. Wrap the bow completly with shrink wrap or plastic wrap before cooking to prevent the wood and bamboo from drying out and becoming brittle. If you do not wish to use a heatboxs simply make sure curing takes place in at least 70-75 degrees minimum. Glue will set up in about 12 hours and will fully cure in about 24-36 hours. "Fairglue 2010" soaks in deep and penetrates the wood and bamboo fibers instead of just sticking to the surface. You will not be disapointed with this tried and tested glue. For best results, rough glueing surfaces with toothing plane or file or hacksaw blade, (don't round off the corners with the hacksaw blade) and clean with well acetone. Especially clean woods with oils in them.  We have small amounts available for the home hobbyist or larger quantities for the commercial bowyer. Glides on smooth and fills the gaps full and bonds like non other. Try it and see !! FOR BEST RESULTS MIX EXACTLY 50-50 and cure in no less than 70-75 degrees for 24-36 hours. Mixed properly you can achieve the strongest bond possible! An improper or Eyeballed mix can result in failure. Curing in colder temperatures takes longer for the glue to fully cure. Use our measuring syringes for exact and easy measurements, sure to give you the best results.