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About Us

Fairbow is a small family business in the Netherlands which sells all sorts of products related to traditional archery. The keystone of the business is the wide range of traditional bows that are on offer, all of them handmade by bowyer Magén Klomp.

A Fairbow Bow:

✓ Is a quality product

✓ Is made by a bowyer well versed in traditional archery

✓ Is made using only the best possible raw materials

✓ Is a hand-made item, no mass production product

✓ Has been extensively tillered and tested

✓ Has already satisfied thousands of customers

✓ Is shipped worldwide

Bowyer Klomp caught the archery bug more than 14 years ago and initially started making bows himself because the market simply didn't offer him the type of bows he wanted for himself.

Since then Klomp has accumulated more than 12 years of experience as a bowyer and has made more than 2,000 quality bows.

At Fairbow we never make a bow just like that, all models have seen various levels of investigation and research. Who used them, why did they adopt a particular model, how did the bow develop, what materials were used then and why might alternative materials be used now.

Moreover, we have a rock solid conviction that a satisfied customer is one who will come back to us. The real connoisseur usually experienced archers who want the best of the best, will find a listening ear at Fairbow.

To make absolutely sure the customer gets real value for money questions will be asked about the motivation for owning a particular of type bow, in other words, is it more than just a spontaneous urge to own a bow which might mean regrets later. This because archers tend to be prone to the always one- bow-short disease, something we understand all too well. After that, specifications for a custom-made bow can be discussed, in which the sky is usually the limit.

Type, materials, draw-weight, length and decorative elements are all negotiable, provided that the desired model will still be a functional bow.

At Fairbow we are proud of our products and make them to be used out in the fields and forests, not just to look pretty.