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The Khampa Bow

The newest Recurve or Horsebow designed by Fairbow.

We have a couple of ancient bows on the wall in our living room and this Tibetan or Qinghai bow has been calling for attention for a couple of years now.

The shape has been scanned, the mathematical designer has calculated the curves and our bowyer has sprinkled some 'Finger Spitzen Gefuhl' on it.
The outcome is this 133 cm short (52 inch) C-shaped recurve.

The bow is always measured at 28 inch draw-length for comparisons and always tested at 32 inches draw-length.
We found the design to be without stacking and more importantly without hand shock.

As the riser or handle area is small we supply a bit of leather with the bow so you can easily make a leather grip beefing up the circumference of the riser.

We think these bows shoot best with 10 grain per pound (gpp) and are covered with our famous Lifetime Warranty.

The nocks of the Khampa are reinforced with two slivers of Mica making them fit for modern strings.
As can be expected from a Fairbow product, the Khampa has been made with Top quality fiberglass over Stabil core (faux carbon)  and Supercore bamboo. The siya's and the riser are glued in between the cores.

These bows are shipped to you with a large looped flemish Fastflight bowstring and a bow bag.

✓ 52-inch C-shaped bow
✓ The Khampa is fit for 10 GPP
✓ The Khampa is fit for modern strings
✓ These bows can be used at 32 inches draw-length
✓ The siya's are made from actionwood and mica
✓ The riser is made from durable actionwood

The Khampa have a fearsome reputation as the most hostile and violent of Tibetans. "Tall and well-built men, fearless and open of countenance, they resemble Apache Indians, with plaited hair hanging from each side of well-modeled heads"

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

Worldwide Shipping