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The Renegade Bow

The Renegade Bow

The Renegade is made with the same precision techniques as our proven Vertex. The riser has been split in a riser and a grip, with the belly glass running through the middle of the woods.
This limits the need for artificial (Micarta etc) materials to reduce handshock. The lightweighed limbs are fast and the used supercore (bamboo) makes the bow very stable.

- Lightweight hunter recurve
- Bamboo cores
- Hardwood riser
- Gordons Botuff ULS glass
- Contrasting colors nocks

Looking at the string angle on the fingers a long drawlength is not ideal for the Renegade. for this we have designed an XT version.
We recommend the 50 inch Renegade to a maximum drawlength of 30 inch.

This tiny Bow is supplied with fastflight string. Dont let the size fool you, it packs a mighty punch!

The Renegade is made with Lifetime warranty. Quality lasts.

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