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Byron Ferguson Sherwood by Fairbow

Ready to hit the bullseye?

"Endorsed by world-famous archer Byron Ferguson in collaboration with Peter O. Stecher."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ B. Ferguson/P.O. Stretcher

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How it works

We set up the bow for you with a near to correct brace height, all you have to do is apply a nocking point (if so desired) and start enjoying the bow, creating new adventures!


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Ready to hit the bullseye? Get your hands on THE BYRON FERGUSON SHERWOOD AMERICAN LONGBOW BY FAIRBOW! Endorsed by world-famous archer Byron Ferguson in collaboration with Peter O. Stecher, this fast, Reflex Deflex American longbow is sure to help you hit the target. Crafted with tapered bamboo cores and special Sherwood Green fiberglass, it's the perfect bow for hunting or 3D archery. So go ahead, let loose and watch those arrows fly!

We use tapered bamboo cores in between the special Sherwood glass. The laminated riser is made from Walnut, padouk, and colored birch, and wrapped with leather. And is very comfortable to hold on to in the outdoors.

✓ The Sherwood is made 68-inch NtN.  
✓ Drawweights are marked at 28, 30, and 32 inch. 
✓ These bows are varnished with a durable 2K mat varnish
✓ The Resin-reinforced nocks make these fit for modern strings
✓ Complete with dual-colored special bow bag and stringer cord
✓ These come with a free special-made 'Byron archery tackle' patch
✓ Complete with modern string
✓ Fairbow Lifetime Warranty
✓ Worldwide free shipping

This bow will be available from January 2024. You can pre-order this bow now!


Byron Ferguson is the world's most famous trick shooter and hunter and says: This is a great hunting bow and in the correct draw weight can take down any game.

To speed up production times and the delivery to you we make these only in Byron's preferred color. Green.

Bows in stock are listed in the menu, these can ship in 24 hours, world wide to your doorstep with UPS.


We make these products with pride, these are built so you can hand them over to your grandchildren to accompany them on their adventures. These bows are covered with our Lifetime Warranty (see below).

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

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