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Lifetime Warranty


Each Fairbow bow is handmade, always a customized quality, never machined in far away kingdoms.

In purchasing a bow by Fairbow you have acquired the ultimate in handmade bow construction. Every one of our bows has been carefully and meticulously crafted to assure you a dependable tool. For this reason we have decided to alter our warranty system for your benefit.

Our warranty is transferable. Warranty goes with our bows, not with the persons buying them. (We kindly ask normal use of our bows, dry-loosing, driving over it with a truck or using it in fencing is not covered by our usual service.)

Our warranty is for a lifetime. Not measured in years. We expect the bow to last forever.

Our lifelong warranty currently applies to the following models:

(from March 1st 2017 onwards)

  • The Rebel
  • The Vertex
  • The Renegade
  • The Magyar
  • The Villain
  • The Manchu

Please be mindful of the following conditions: Warranty claims are possible under the following conditions:

  • Broken limbs
  • Limbs delaminate
  • Cracks in limbs or limb laminates
  • Fractures of riser
  • Cracks in middle parts
  • Fraction of tips

Non-warranty is caused if:

  • Your bow has been treated negligently or intentionally destroyed or damaged
  • Limbs twist
  • Obvious wear and tear

In case of a correct warranty claim:

The bow will be repaired if possible or replaced with a new one!

This is how to go about it:

You send the bow in a proper package to Fairbow or the retailer with whom you purchased the bow. It is extremely helpful for us, if you place the invoice (or a copy) in the package. This will significantly help us to process your service request quickly.

Doing the above, you have fulfilled your part in the process .

At Fairbow we will check the bow and decide both cause and the actions to follow.

With a valid claim we will either repair the bow (if possible) or exchange the bow with a bow from the same model and technical specifications. (no up-or downgrades)

This will not cost you any money. Apart from getting the bow to us. We will then ship the repaired or replacement bow to you directly (world wide) for which we will not charge shipping costs.