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The Katsa Bow

Within the family of the 'five curve bows' (Magyar, Kurgan, Katsa) this is the smallest of the bunch.

Being just 50 inch one might think these are for ladies or children, but dont let the size fool you.
With a max drawlength of 30 inch this is a serious fun bow. Easy to move through the bush and trees, easy for horseback archery.
The Riser is wedged in between several layers of Supercore (bamboo). These are glued in between Gordon's Bo-tuff glass
Wide limbs for stability, hand shaped nocks in contrasting colours for good looks, making these short bows fastflight ready.

Comes with an endless Dacron string and one full year full warranty.

A great short bow.

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

Worldwide Shipping