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The Kurgan Bow

The Kurgan Bow

A new design in recurved hunting or glass based composite 'horsebows'

The Kurgan is made of Bamboo cores wedged between fiberglass layers.
The grip or handle area is glued in between the bamboo cores and underneath the glass. 

The Kurgan is a variety of the well known 5-curves bows but with a Fairbow twist.
The siya's or ears are stiffinned to a degree that the roll-of is controlled and a working part of the drawn bow. Not like a non bending lever.
But the working curves of the bow still act like a helping lever. virtually weightless.

These bows have two small string bridges to allow for a long string to be used with the bow, giving the string more time to transfer the energy to the arrow.

A leather grip can be added on request as well as a variety of striking veneers under clear glass in the backing of the bow.

These bows are typically 145 cm long braced. (57 inch) can be shot with Fastflight strings and like 10 grain per pound arrows.

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