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If you don't fancy the idea of separate bow hooks, and a separate arrow rack, here's another option to consider...

Designed specifically for broadhead arrow users but equally well suited for target, 3D clout and flight arrow points. This system holds up to 12 shafts vertically and at least 1 bow horizontally (2, 3 or 4 bows if traditional style), all in one location.

The arrow point locators are all the same size along the bottom shelf but with this system we allow for different diameter shafts (all sized carbons, aluminium's, and wooden @ 5/16" 11/32" 3/8" will fit).

The advantage of this type of system is that regardless of the arrow shaft if it's got a point, a broadhead, or is a bare shaft with screw in adaptor, locating the tip on the bottom shelf will be no problem at all.

If you take a look at the photo's, you'll see how it works- there's a 3mm diameter hole to locate the point straight into, and a 10mm recessed plate around the hole that allows bare shafts to sit there too, all within the one system. This means that if you're displaying broadhead shafts, you have the choice to unscrew the point before loading them into the wall mount, or not. The foam that holds the shaft has a slot to push into, and the hole expands, so all sizes of arrow shaft are gripped in place, below the feathers/fletchings. We suggest that to place the arrows in, you put the point end of the shaft into the locator shelf first, then push the shaft into the foam slots.

You also have the option to increase the amount of bows the system holds. The depth of the bow hooks are 88mm, so if you're displaying traditional wooden bows, if you measure the width of your limbs, you may find that you can fit 2 bows onto one pair of hooks (see photos). Then, you have the option to add another pair of bow hooks above the bottom pair, so there's the potential for you to display up to 4 bows, horizontally mounted in one location with this system.

We suggest, if you are considering storing multiple heavier compound bows, you may want to consider upgrading the screws and rawplugs to take the extra weight you are putting on the system. We do not recommend you fix this system into plasterboard sheets - only fix the screws into solid wooden battens, or strong brickwork (not mortar) using rawplugs.

The system itself is made from 6mm clear Perspex® (LuciteLux in the USA). The white foam is a closed cell polymer type.

The vital statistics are:

Width: 395mm

Height: 410mm

Depth from wall: 180mm

Depth of bow hooks: 88mm

To hang the rack to the wall, the system comes complete with 4 x posi-drive screws, washers, rawplugs and chrome finishing caps to cover the screw heads. We do not recommend you use mechanical/electric screwdrivers when tightening the screws at final fixing- a hand held screwdriver gives much better precision and feeling, so you do not over-tighten the screw and risk cracking the material.

Should you require this system for 1/4" shafts, or want to have your own logo, message or brand engraved into the rear plate, please contact us before ordering.

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