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Cobra System RX ADDER:

The fast shooter handling this carbine crossbow uses an integral (cocking) lever. The power stroke of the Cobra RX with a length of 7.5“ (19.05 cm) with a shot using 7.5“ carbon bolts with a muzzle velocity of 270 fps, which is approximately 82 m/s.

The limb set with 130 lbs can be quickly removed and uninstalled without any tools, so the crossbow can be compactly stored in a case or a bag. This simple disassembly complies with EU requirements where the crossbow must remain inoperative during transport. An ergonomically designed frame and pistol grip with coupling device properties (so-called tube) - which allow the addition of an AR-style folding or telescopic stock. The Cobra System RX ADDER has several very well-placed Picatinny rails that allow fitting different accessories. The latest RX ADDER model is dangerously original.  It is a hot number with a magazine, string dampeners, a higher-quality stock, a duralumin collimator, and strong limbs. Additionally, a new type of arrow with a replaceable screw tip is added to the model.   

RX ADDER is an upgraded version of the famous „Chu-ko-nu“ repeating crossbow.
With the elements of the entire R-series Cobra System's unique design and security mechanism.
The non-removable top-loading magazine holds 5 Ek carbon bolts at a time.
Using the magazine is facilitated by the arm which feeds arrows and easily loads.
A special mechanism prevents loading with an empty magazine.
The RX ADDER's set of limbs of 130 Lbs increases the velocity of the 7.5“ patented carbon bolt to up to 270 fps - 82 m/s.
It works well with the other Cobra System RX/R9 models for a dominant combination of firepower.

Draw weight: 130 Lbs
Bolt speed: 270 Fps (82 m/s)
Safety lock: ADF, automatic
Rails: Picatinny
Crossbow length (base): 21.5" - 54.6 cm
Stock: adjustable
Weight: 3.10 kg
Color: black
✓Crossbow RX ADDER
Collimator, duralumin
Carbon bolts 7.5“, 5 pcs (100 gr tips)
Fore grip
Shoulder sling
AR15 Mil-Spec stock with tube
Spare string
Lube wax
Manual with warranty certificate


Seller's opinion:

Not being a modern archer, just a zombie hunter enthusiast this crossbow set amazed me the moment I opened the box!
Fully comprehensive and loaded with everything you need to set up the system. No extra tools needed, and I even understood the manual. (The manual is written with a sense of humor)
The crossbow has loads of options to fit gizmos on weaver rails.
The adjustable stock rail was a nice touch.
The bow can easily be removed from the stock.
How does the tool shoot?
Well at first, it loads the bolts in the magazine very easily. So I easy I thought I was doing it wrong.

Loading the bolt ready for the shooting was super easy and it surprised me. The lever function works really well. the shot was accurate, with little noise, and no handshock.
I am very positive this could shoot through car doors.

All in all a wanna-have for the grown up children, me thinks :-) 

WARNING! Never dry-fire your crossbow!

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

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