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Economical way to give your next bow some insurance and durability as well as an attractive appeal. 

Full 80" length and over 2" wide. 
Put a PURE silk backing on your bow with titebond 2 easily.
(Goes without saying Bowgrip 100 can be used for excellent results as well!) 
Adds a lot of durablity by not allowing the fibers to rise on the back of your bow, preventing disaster. 
 Goes excellent with our Floor tillered hickory board staves!! 
PURE linen backing strip. 100% pure ecru linen. 
Course weave 2"X 80" VERY strong!

 1 Cover and protect belly with masking tape 
2 Mix bowgrip glue well and measure correct 
3 Apply glue to backing side. Try to get an even spread rather thick 
4 Apply glue 
5 Drape the backing into the glue 
6 Drape backing on the glue 
7 Gently tap the backing into the glue using clean disposable brush 
8 Gently push backing into the glue with the brush so it saturates 
9 Push the backing into the glue gently  
10 lways make sure you have more to do with one glue mix 
11 2 bows different backings 
12 Cut of the not used ends 
13 Sturation is clearly visible 
14 Clamp the bow onto straight piece of wood in the centre 
15 One can do 2 at  once 
16 Clamped 
17 Cut of excess with sharp blade and remove masking tape 

    100% handmade

    Lifetime Warranty

    by 5000+ customers

    Worldwide Shipping