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Simplified Improved Reflex Deflex Stave (Primary/ floor tillered)

Made simpler for better performance.

Why is this bow better than our the other more expensive reflex deflex bows?
For starters the handle is shaped differently and is shorter than the other style.

A shorter handle boils down to more stability because there is more working limb doing the job for you.

The mainframe for this handle is much thicker and is less likely to fail, this soaks up more shock. 68" tip to tip means a 66" groove to groove bow that is about 64" long when strung. Perfect for tight spots and hunters.

This bow has Improved performance because these limbs have a pyramid cut rather than a straight profile cut. Pyramid limbs reduce handshock as well as add speed because the limb weight is reduced. That means less weight for the bow to have to push. This simply means more energy going into the arrow instead of back into your hand.

Primary Stave (Floor tillered and preshaped) for you with string grooves roughed in for you so that all you need to do is finish the final tillering and drop the draw weight to what you need.

Built from Solid hickory and backed with Chinese Mose bamboo
this is one tough bow with excellent performance. Its a workhorse if you are tough on your equipment in the field.

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

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