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The Rebel by Fairbow

Create your own adventures with this fully custom bow

"The Rebel is a piece of art, it looks as good as it shoots."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kirsten H.

Recommended by fellow archers worldwide!

“The smoothness of the draw is astonishing. There is no stacking whatsoever, even at full draw. The absence of hand shock is another very notable feature.

“The rebel is truly the bow to shoot with. The first time I saw the price I asked myself if it was worth that money. I can honestly say that after I bought it I didn't think any other bow shot as well."

“After years of shooting longbow, I finally decided on another bow.
The rebel still looks like a classic bow, but shoots like a modern fast bow.
Invented as a successor to the longbow for good reason."

How it works

After receiving your order we will send you an email to discuss the customizing of your new bow.

We will make the bow according to your wishes and ship it to you.

We set up the bow for you with a near to correct brace height, all you have to do is apply a nocking point (if so desired) and start enjoying the bow. Creating new adventures!


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Vintage Hill-style American Longbow

Our Vintage Hill-style bows are shaped after the profiles of early bows by famous bowyers of days gone by. Extremely narrow, (26-30 mm, just over an inch) at the widest point to just under half an inch at the string groove.

There are up to 5 layers of tempered bamboo in front of the hardwood lightweight riser. NO bamboo goes over the fades on the riser. (Did we mention the vintage look?) This is all wedged in between the best fiberglass. Just the best there is. 

Straight glue-up, so when you receive the bow, it will have a slight stringfollow to help you with a smooth and forgiving draw and shot, thus making this narrow, lightweight bow smooth and a joy to shoot.
We have also started to produce a backset version of our Rebel, gluing it up with a two-inch backset, making the backset more aggressive, and even more hard-hitting.

The nocks are reinforced with a thin sliver of horn, and tiny, really small. Not for the fainthearted. Don't stump 'm in the dirt and break 'm.

 The grip per se is straight. No locator, no pistol grip, just straight and narrow, giving you pressure in the hand where it should be. A classic dished grip is also an option. Upon your request it can be covered in glued-on, reverse, polished leather. Nice to hold. (A dished grip is also an option.)
We varnish these bows by spraying several layers of our "Panzer' 2K varnish to get a satin-matte finish.

The Rebel comes with a white Fastflight double-looped string.

We are proud of our Rebel and make it for you with an eye on quality and details.

The Rebel is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.


We use the Shulz guidelines for your new Rebel bow. 28 inch draw, 68 inch nTn length, 29 inch draw, 69 inch nTn length etc. We can tiller the bow to 32 inch for you.

We can use many solid glass colors for your bow, black, white, green, brown, red etc. Or clear glass with a veneer of your choice. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The Rebel Bow can be made up to 80 lbs at the draw length you select. Sufficient to hunt the biggest game and shoot the furthest distances.

We make these products with pride, these are meant to be handed down to your grandchildren so they can take them on their adventures, too. These bows are covered with our Lifetime Warranty.

These bows are in high demand. Our handmade approach makes for a waiting list of approx. 7 months. Check out the Rebels we have in stock now. These can be shipped to you within 24 hours.

Shipping is FREE for these bows.

100% handmade

Lifetime Warranty

by 5000+ customers

Worldwide Shipping